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A Grisly Birthday Wish to Mr. Gorey

Books, Cats, Life is Good. —Edward Gorey

When people are finding meaning in things — beware.  Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey Illustration

A Gorey Alligator for Serenity Spell

Happy birthday to one of the world’s most clever and whimsical illustrators and authors….. Quirky, prolific, and a true talent. I still adore you, Mr. Gorey!

For a fantastic book detailing the inner workings of Gorey, pick up Elephant House or, The Home of Edward Gorey. For more information, visit their website.

Book As Decor

Selling a Book by Its Cover

I understand that books have always been packaged for sale… But *shiver* this is raw. Priced by the decorative foot; never opened. At least in times past they were occasionally read.

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