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The Writing Process

The Writing Process

– By Ed Yong on March 30th, 2011 [DISCOVER]

On Twitter, John Pavlus recently asked me which bit of the writing process I like most – researching and collating information, or actually getting it down on paper.

So to answer that question more fully (and because it’s been a bit of a slow week), here’s a graph depicting my process of writing a feature. Enjoyment’s on the vertical axis, time runs along the horizontal. This applies to longer features rather than blog posts – those are more straightforward and less emotionally variable.

(And yes, I know “regurgitated” is spelled wrongly in the image. I can’t be bothered to change it).

So You Want to Write a Novel…?

The YouTube comments really are fascinating on this great little clip… But you gotta love it. C’mon. Thanks to David Kazzie for the clever quirk!

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