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Support a Federal Wildlife Conservation Stamp

Juvenile Cattle Egrets in Protected Florida Wetlands

No worries, those humans will help!
Juvenile Cattle Egrets in Protected Florida Wetlands

The Federal Duck Stamp has a long history in the U.S., a program devoted to conserving this country’s pristine lands. The stamps themselves are beautiful pieces of art, and remain highly collectible. There are efforts to re-issue the stamp, now called the Wildlife Conservation Stamp, to help the currently severely underfunded wildlife refuges… See below for more information of this wonderful endeavor!

From the website:

It is now more important than ever to draw on the diverse group of refuge advocates around the country to safeguard America’s wildlife heritage. National wildlife refuges have been underfunded since President Theodore Roosevelt created the first refuge in 1903 and Congress refused to appropriate money to manage it. Without adequate funding, habitats are not restored, invasive species are left unchecked, poaching and other illegal activities occur and our nation’s wildlife suffers.

Already underfunded and understaffed, National Wildlife Refuges are now facing even more budget cuts. And some members of Congress want to cut funding dramatically.

With already over $3 billion worth of incomplete projects, deeper funding cuts to National Wildlife Refuges could have catastrophic results. Further reductions could:

  • End popular wildlife education programs for school children
  • Close visitor centers
  • Lead to layoffs for law enforcement officers, biologists and maintenance staff who keep visitors and wildlife safe
  • Close entire Refuges, restricting public access

Learn more about this clever and wonderful initiative to protect our country’s land and wildlife — and sign the petition aimed to the White House — at

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