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The Writing Process

The Writing Process

– By Ed Yong on March 30th, 2011 [DISCOVER]

On Twitter, John Pavlus recently asked me which bit of the writing process I like most – researching and collating information, or actually getting it down on paper.

So to answer that question more fully (and because it’s been a bit of a slow week), here’s a graph depicting my process of writing a feature. Enjoyment’s on the vertical axis, time runs along the horizontal. This applies to longer features rather than blog posts – those are more straightforward and less emotionally variable.

(And yes, I know “regurgitated” is spelled wrongly in the image. I can’t be bothered to change it).

So You Want to Write a Novel…?

The YouTube comments really are fascinating on this great little clip… But you gotta love it. C’mon. Thanks to David Kazzie for the clever quirk!

The New Business Model for Writers?

Patchworking Is The New Freelancing?

Rachel Kaufman (January 31, 2011 []) relays concepts from the book ‘The 9-to-5 Cure,’ in which author and career coach Dr. Kristin Cardinale argues that “traditional, full-time jobs aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be.”

Visit the original link to determine whether you’d be a good freelancer / patchworker.

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