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Everglades Wildlife at Green Cay + A New LENS!

As always, for my birthday, I was a very lucky girl. Lots of new — well, ca. 1920s/30s — art and other goodies! I also received a 55-250mm telephoto ZOOM lens for my Canon SLR as a gift from my guy… YAY-OH-YAY-OH-YAY-OH-YAAAAAYYYY! My friend Lisa and I have been lusting for this lens for our respective cameras for months, now.

This week my camera and I (I really should name her) braved the spotty rain at Green Cay. I couldn’t wait any longer to test her new lens with the area’s critters. I was completely giddy. Besides, I hadn’t yet caught a glimpse of Momma Gator and her brood — 28 born in her mound on 8.23. Leo/Virgo-cusp babies! Although there are far fewer surviving offspring, as to be expected, I was able to spy them swimming near an ever-vigilant momma.

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