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The Baby Gators of Green Cay

Just like with Wakodahatchee, there are always babies at Green Cay — baby herons and egrets, baby ibises, baby ducks, baby shorebirds and songbirds, baby rails, coots and moorhen, baby turtles, baby alligators…. With the myriad species and migrations, there’s constant nesting activity. It’s tremendous for the wildlife to have this protected habitat in the middle of South Florida’s suburban sprawl, on the edge of the Everglades — and equally favorable for the humans to silently appreciate Nature and her own lovely order.

On 8.23, 28 babies were born to one of Green Cay’s gators, at the mound pictured below. Unfortunately they’ve been more in the water than on land, for my camera. But in a further section of the park, another Momma Gator has been diligently watching over her adorable brood of 6 (ish?)….

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  1. Lisa Monette #

    Awww…hope the babies survive. Eat or be eaten!

    September 12, 2011
    • kilikinachappell #

      It’s so great for them to have this protected space…. But even so, you’re totally right. Out of 28 *hatched* there are 8-9 remaining (hard to tell in the duckweed, lol!). And with the other momma, maybe 6? Such cuties.

      September 13, 2011

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