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Autumn in NJ

It was uncannily warm during most of my 2.5 October weeks in NJ this year, but towards the end of my stay, the cold finally swooped in to give us a taste of deliciously crisp Fall. But just a week after I returned to FL, the record-breaking Nor’easter snows hit — sheesh.

During this trip, after an exhaustive search, we found CALLIE! ♥ A 6-yr-old chocolate lab, she has, like many surrendered animals, a questionable history. She was so very lonely at the Cumberland County SPCA, and I’m eternally thankful for the connection that was made. What a bright, intelligent, and loving bundle of fur…

Bella (Belle de Nuit); or, (One of) Mom's Favorites


Assorted gourds at local farmer's market

Kerry (Kerouac) & Pooka; or, Those Who Must Be Appeased

Callie quickly learning how to hog the couch

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