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An Ethereal Swamp in Riverbend

After visiting the newly created (and still-in-development) Cypress Creek Natural Area (see corresponding post), we darted through one of my favorite areas of Riverbend Park in Jupiter, Florida — not exactly a difficult hike in this particular location, but we weren’t exactly looking for one, after spending 4 hours plodding through the (occasionally) deep sand of Cypress Creek.

Awhile back, we discovered a cut-through (perhaps the beginnings of a new trail) leading to Riverbend’s cypress swamp — a truly beautiful area of the park. The shortcut is lovely, and is obviously used by many critters judging by the tracks. We even managed to stumble upon a flock of wild turkeys and several hunting osprey, as it was approaching dusk. But Florida’s cypress swamps are a sight like no other, and it’s wonderful that this area of the Loxahatchee River — Seminole for “River of Turtles” — has been protected in all of its glory. (The Loxahatchee’s source is actually in Riverbend, winding through Jonathan Dickinson.)

Per the park’s signage:

“Riverbend Park’s aquatic habitats are invaluable. They provide food, water and shelter for a vast array of unique species of aquatic and semi-aquatic wildlife. Protection of these riparian or river ecosystems within Riverbend Park not only gives visitors the opportunity to study local wildlife, but provides critical habitat for the wildlife, thus ensuring their survival.”

For More Information:

Wildflowers, Riverbend Park

Birds’ Feast, Riverbend Park

Plethora of Palms, Riverbend Park

Cypress Stump in Swamp, Riverbend Park

Cypress Swamp, Riverbend Park

Cypress Swamp, Riverbend Park

Signage, Riverbend Park

Wild Turkey, Riverbend Park

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  1. These images are just beautiful. It’s like I was transported back in time. You are blessed to see this place. Thanks for today’s wonderful inspiration.

    April 28, 2012
    • Thanks so much — we’re so lucky that such places have been preserved, and continue to be protected. There are many such stunning spots in Florida, if they can only continue to be cared for in the face of wayward developers…

      April 28, 2012
  2. Beautiful… It looks so peaceful. I’m fairly close to the Okefenokee, and have never checked it out. Maybe I will as soon as the mosquito population decreases up here! 🙂

    August 22, 2012
    • I LOVE our swamps — and I’m always so thrilled to see these magical spots that the counties / state have managed to protect from wayward development. But you’re right… With us this summer, it’s been hit-or-miss with those nasty little mosquitoes! GR! Getting better, though…. 🙂

      August 23, 2012

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