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Finding the Quiet Moments/A Plea to New Visitors

There are times — despite the sudden heightened attendance during our (human) Snowbird Season and inevitable increased disrespect for the surroundings (read: more *trash* — more *noise* — more “not allowed” items and activities) — that quiet moments can still be found in parts of the park. Increased traffic to the natural areas is definitely a mixed blessing. Not all new visitors are rude, by any means — but for those disrespectful ones, a simple plea: Remember why you are visiting a preserve, in the first place. It’s not Disney World. Simmer down. Respect and enjoy your surroundings, and consider that for our wildlife this special place is a sanctuary, by the grace of the founders and the continued efforts of the county. And most absurdly, please try your absolute best to hold onto that plastic water bottle and/or tissue, and refrain from throwing it into the carefully *protected* wetlands supporting this native wildlife. Honestly, it’s not that far to your SUV. Flora and fauna alike thank you.

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