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World Water Day 2012

On March 22nd, 1993 the world celebrated its first World Water Day, established by the United Nations as a day for global consciousness of our most precious resource. Despite the fact that we live on a water-covered planet, only 1% of the world’s water is available for human use. With exploding population growth, access to a healthy and sustainable diet is becoming more critical — as is the need to reduce rampant food and water waste. Each year, World Water Day celebrations host different themes; this year’s focus is on “Water and Food Security.” Nearly 900 million people across the planet lack access to safe water, and 2.6 billion people lack adequate sanitation.

I saw firsthand the effects of a lack of access to this treasured resource (which is consequently tied to a poor diet), growing up where I did. We take the luxury of running water for granted in this, and most, countries. And now, living in such proximity to the Everglades (in what sadly once was the ‘glades), one quickly learns the destructive force of humankind on an entire ecosystem — a wholly unique environment on this planet — when natural waterways are re-diverted to suit development needs. I’m still on the lookout for local Water Day events…

I’ve always been surrounded by water, but humans have done their best to harm it, and in effect, the entire plant, animal, and human populations it governs, supports, and feeds. This March 22nd, help celebrate and remember that Earth has always been, and always will be our Mother — and we’re all here together, sharing her resources.

Visit National Geographic‘s informative blog, WaterAid, or the official United Nations Water Day site and its diverse materials (which provides promotional brochures, educational guides and more)….

Egret in the Everglades, Florida

Everglades, Florida

Great Blue Heron, Everglades, Florida

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  1. Beautiful blog!

    March 14, 2012
    • Thanks so very much for your kind note! 🙂

      March 14, 2012

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