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World Water Day & Masaru Emoto’s Water Crystals

Masaru Emoto, self-proclaimed “water messenger,” researches the true nature of water as a mirror of our minds with his pioneering studies into how water can respond to thoughts and intentions. His groundbreaking images, taken with high-speed photography of crystals formed in frozen water, shook the scientific community twenty years ago, and continue to impact our role in protecting Earth’s most precious resource. His book The Hidden Messages in Water is an amazing and eye-opening read. (Also check out Messages from Water Vols 1 & 2, Water Crystal Healing, and others.)

The impact of Dr. Emoto’s studies and images on raising awareness and the global consciousness of water management — of sustaining healthy ecosystems and human health — is profound. Humans have done their best to harm it, and in effect, the entire plant, animal, and human populations that water governs, supports, and feeds. This March 22nd, help celebrate and remember that Earth has always been, and always will be our Mother — and we’re all here together, sharing her resources. As caretakers, it’s our responsibility to proactively address (not contribute to) water pollution — its prevention and restoration.

This past March 11 also marked the one-year anniversary of Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami. Dr. Emoto has visited the island of his birth often, speaking and offering inspiration and support — for not only the widespread damage and rebuilding process in the wake of the natural disaster, but for the leaking of radioactive materials into the ocean environment, caused with the injury to the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. In the midst of recent memorial services, Dr. Emoto spoke of the tragedy:

“Today is March 11th which is exactly one year after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Over 15,000 precious lives were lost and still over 3,000 people are missing. Please join us to pray for their departed souls and send your energy of love to people who are there still suffering by different reasons at 2:46pm at your local time. Just give one minute to offer silent prayers for them. With love and gratitude, Masaru Emoto”

Below are examples of Dr. Emoto’s groundbreaking images (more provided here); I saved the sad image of polluted water for last…

A water crystal exposed to the word WA, or Harmony in Japanese:

"WA," or Harmony in Japanese

A water crystal exposed to the word Arigatou, or Thank You in Japanese:

"Arigatou," or Thank You in Japanese

Masaru has called this his most beautiful water crystal formation — when the words “love and gratitude” were exposed to water. May all our thoughts be as bright and pure as this crystal:

愛・感謝, Meaning Love and Gratitude

And finally…what happens to our precious resource when we pollute it:

Polluted water from the Yodo River in Japan

“Yes we can change water by our consciousness.”

For More Information:

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  1. Gorgeous! I am re-blogging this on my site on March 27.

    March 19, 2012
    • 🙂 The images really are amazing… And the implications just astounding.

      March 20, 2012

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