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A wonderful and soulful photographer from the area, Judy sells her images as well… And this particular image, so very touching and beautiful, is in honor of the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center. Check out her amazing oeuvre and cards!

Janthina Images - Photo Journal

White Egret Greeting Card

Janthina Images offers newly redesigned White Egret Greeting Card for online sales – share of proceeds to be donated to Laura Quinn’s Florida Keys Wild Bird Center to help “Keep Them Flying!”

The White Egret Card image was captured in April of 2007 on a bright, beautiful afternoon in the Florida Keys!  I’ve always loved it for the tangible softness of the feathers against the very soft blue sky and the green leaves of the branch it is perched upon. In designing the card I capitalized on those greens with the bottom border detail and extended the sky across the back of the card for an overall soft natural look.  The inside has a muted sky with a feathery decoration. I loved preparing it and hope that you will enjoy it too!! I wish to offer a percentage of the sales of this card to the place which made it possible and needs fundson…

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  1. I don’t know what to say!! I’ve never had a post reblogged before and think it is just great!! The mission of Laura Quinn’s Florida Keys Wild Bird Center is so worthwhile on so many levels. It is hard to care about things that you do not get a chance to interact with. So there you get it all, up close and personal education as well as knowing that some injured birds are nursed back to fitness and returned to the wild skies where they belong!

    Thank You Serenity Spell!!

    September 13, 2012
    • It’s *long* overdue!

      This cause… In combination with your most amazing and lovely images (coupled with detailed, fascinating, scientific information) is a must-read for anyone.

      September 15, 2012
  2. You really do live in the most spectacular region!

    September 14, 2012
    • Ah, you’re so kind! I try to show this…. To fight the wayward development that INSISTS on tearing these habitats down for the sake of a concrete jungle. There’s not enough conservation down here, in people’s opinion. But with growing Everglades’ restoration, many have great hope. 🙂

      September 15, 2012
  3. I clicked over and clicked on the Great Blue Heron link. Oh! The creation stories included! Amazing! So very welcome!

    September 14, 2012
    • Isn’t her work fantastic? I love the stories she provides, and the depth of scientific knowledge….

      September 15, 2012
      • Yes! The internet continues to amaze me. I am of the old school where research was done in a library, painstakingly searching through card catalogs, working with the reference librarians. But to have research and photos right in front of my nose, while I’m wearin’ my jammies!

        Of course you realize that I refer to you, too, in the right-in-front-of-my-nose! >:-D

        September 15, 2012
      • Hee! Honestly… I’m still in continued amazement at the amount of research available nowadays. I can readily remember hauling my heinie over to the library, and OH NO! If it was on Microfilm/fiche? The only issue today is discernment — weeding through the information.

        September 16, 2012
      • Ah yes, it is a noble thing to haul one’s heinie to the library! >:-D I hated fiche/film–made my eyes go all wonky.

        Oh no! You mean I can’t believe everything I read on the ‘net?! Which then leads me to speculate about how theses and dissertations were in the library and fair game for research. And, the so-called thesis/dissertation committees—

        Robo-signing?! Signed by the overworked TA?! No true sweating in front of a panel o’ meanies? Just a convenient connection to a printing press?! >:-D (to all you folks who DID sweat and want to swear at ’em, don’t write to me. I know I know!)

        September 16, 2012

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